Specialist Spotlight

Specialist Spotlight

Growth Central Training seeks to introduce one of our outstanding specialists by shinning a spotlight on them as well as their work. GCT is proud to introduce you to Rebecca Solovodnik…

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for agreeing to be our Specialist Spotlight on the GCT website! 

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself. Who are you and where are you from? 

I am a psychotherapist, CAMS-III, and CCIS-II. I was born in the USSR (former Russia) and came to the United States with my family in 1979.  I transitioned later in life from my first career as Vice President of Human Resources in the corporate space to my dream career as a therapist in private practice.  My own experiences with chronic illness, family dynamics, trauma, disorder eating, emotional dysregulation and career transition has helped inform my practice.  I live and work in Manhattan, New York.  

Q: What kind of work do you do? 

I help people gain insight into what’s troubling them and exploring solutions to their issues.  The goal is to empower my clients and get them back into the driver’s seat of their life through self-acceptance, regulating emotions and finding healthier coping mechanisms.  I work with EMDR, IFS, EFT, ACT, attachment theory, mindfulness-based CBT and DBT.

Q: What do you see to be one of the biggest challenges in your work today? 

One of the biggest challenges in my work today is helping people develop a healthier relationship with their emotions. 

Q: How are you attempting to meet those challenges? 

I work with techniques to help my clients with acceptance of themselves, setting boundaries, and developing self-worth in an effort to achieve their goals. 

Q: What do you best like about your work?   

A: I feel privileged to be a therapist.  To be a part of someone’s journey to feeling better and living better is a gift. 

Now for the GCT Fun Five!

  • What are your favorite foods? Strawberries, chocolate, and sushi (not all together)
  • What is your favorite place visit? Paris, France, or anything by a lake with trees and quiet
  • How do you relax? I practice mindfulness daily, I love to be in nature, listening to music
  • Do you have a pet peeve about anything? I do not like when people walk their dog and do not pick up the dog poop.
  • What makes you laugh? Animal videos on social media, my husband

How can people reach you if they want to speak with you further about your work?

rs@mfmtherapy.com  or www.mfmtherapy.com

Thanks again, Rebecca. And keep up the great work!