Specialist Spotlight

Specialist Spotlight

Hello Andreea,

Thanks for agreeing to be a Specialist Spotlight on the GCT website. As NAMA’s first Certified Anger Management Specialist in Romania, we are excited to hear more about you and your work! 

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself. Who are you and where are you? 

A: My name is Andreea, I was born in Romania, and currently I live in Bucharest with my two boys. 

Q: What kind of work do you do? 

A: I am an integrative and DBT-oriented psychotherapist and author of children's books. Currently, I work in a Private Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Clinic and in my Private Practice. I work with adolescents and adults.

Q: What do you see to be one of the biggest challenges in your work today? 

A: Currently, one of the challenges I face is having a collaboration among educators, medical professionals, and psychotherapists, ensuring that patients benefit from an appropriate and comprehensive approach. I belie in the power of a holistic approach to physical and mental health, aiming to benefit both mental health professionals and particularly, the patients. I believe in teamwork!

Q: How are you attempting to meet those challenges? 

A: I actively seek new situations and contexts to connect with experts in both physical and mental health. I attend conferences and courses, and I also contribute by teaching at medical conferences, aiming to facilitate optimal collaboration between doctors, educators and psychotherapists for the benefit of patients. 

Q: What do you best like about your work?   

A: I have always considered myself privileged to have access to so much information and diverse experiences that people go through. It is a privilege to be a part of people's lives, guiding and helping them. I feel fortunate to work in this field. I love what I do, and the greatest reward in this profession is having the opportunity to do good and to walk alongside your clients on their life journey, which I find uplifting. 


....Now for the GCT Fun Five!

What are your favorite foods? 

As for my favorite food, it's almost any dish shared with loved ones. However, if I were to choose a favorite food, it would be tomato soup with noodles.

What is your favorite place to visit? 

My dream destination to visit is Tibet. 

How do you relax? 

Listening to music, particularly calming tunes, jazz being my favorite. I also enjoy sleeping and traveling. 

Do you have a pet peeve (something funny that annoys you) about anything? 

Interrupting Conversations

What makes you laugh?

It always makes me laugh: El Chombo – Chacarron

When my brother tells funny jokes


Finally, how can people reach you if they want to speak with you further about your work? 



Email:  chiruandreea@gmail.com

Thanks again, Andreea! Keep up the great work!