Specialist Spotlight

Specialist Spotlight

Growth Central Training seeks to introduce one of our outstanding specialists by shinning a spotlight on them as well as their work. GCT is excited to introduce you to the only Certified Anger Management Specialist in Mongolia, Professor and research Psychologist Dejid Enkhbat. Dejid reached out to GCT to complete her CAMS Supervision in order to do research at her university.

GCT is very proud to support her work and dedication…

Hello Dejid,

Thanks for agreeing to be a Specialist Spotlight on the GCT website! 

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself. Who are you and where are you? 

A: My name is DEJID Enkhbat. I was born in Murun sum, Khuvsgul province, Mongolia. I currently live in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, with my husband and two children.

Q: What kind of work do you do? 

A: I am a psychologist and teacher at a university. I have worked primarily with children and adolescents for 12 years. Working with mental health problems /suicide attempts, psychosomatic issues, and sexual violence, such as/ in children and adolescents, to serve psychological counseling, therapy, and education.

Q: What do you see to be one of the biggest challenges in your work today? 

A: For psychologists, it is essential to fully involve and cooperate with clients in psychological counseling and therapy. However, it is challenging for me when the client and his family are not willing or active in changing their psychological problems, life-related concerns, and behavior. At this point, no skilled specialist or technique can help.

Psychologists face common problems when providing professional psychological services in Mongolia. One of them is to create an office, necessary tools, and build a clientele when starting a new professional service. In addition, funding for studies and research in psychology is scarce, making it difficult for professionals in this field.

Q: How are you attempting to meet those challenges? 

I attend supervision and peer consultations 1-2 times a month. It helps me share my feelings and manage complex cases that are difficult for me. It also helps me to share what I have learned with other professionals and learn from each other.

Q: What do you best like about your work?   

A: Seeing clients' smiles and efforts to overcome their problems makes me happy.

 Now for the GCT Fun Five!

  • What are your favorite foods? Pasta and buuz /its Mongolian traditional cuisine
  • What is your favorite place to visit? I like to visit Huvsgul lake, the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia is magnificent.
  • How do you relax? Walking and watching movies.
  • Do you have a pet peeve about anything? I don't have any pets, I had a cat when I was little, and I was not too fond of it when it tried to sleep on my head at night.
  • What makes you laugh? My youngest son's cute actions always make me laugh.

Finally, how can people reach you if they want to speak with you further about your work?

I would be happy to connect with someone in the professional field to learn from each other.

Email: enkhbatdejid@gmail.com

Thanks again, Dejid! Keep up the great work!