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Growth Central Training is devoted to bringing awareness and education to communities about anger, aggression and crisis by offering seminars to professionals and businesses as well as services to individuals and organizations. 

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I really enjoyed Laura's method for training; using my personal experiences to explain how to teach and guide others.  As a peer, it is important to me to share experiences with those I serve, so filling out my own anger log gave me great perspective. I truly learned a lot about myself and how facilitating Anger Management will continue my personal growth while helping others with theirs!




Laura brings a depth of knowledge and level of professionalism to the subject of Anger Management second to none. I led my first training 3 days after the course, confident that I was fully prepared; and I thank Laura and her team for its success!




Working with Laura is working with an expert! She has a deep level of expertise and understanding of anger. Each time I encounter a problem or a challenge Laura will analyze them very professionally and will come out with a brilliant solution. A lot of the time they will be out of the box solutions or ways of looking at those things. Having Laura as my supervisor gives me the confidence that I can always get professional answers whenever I need them at my work as an anger management specialist. Laura is always available and I highly recommend working with her.




Two words, LIFE CHANGING! The (GCT) trainings are thought provoking, it provided new perspective on contributing factors to escalation and helped me increase my self awareness.




Laura Moss is amazing.  She is highly engaging, confident, competent, compassionate and relatable.  Her style was cohesive, fun, and priceless.  Her insight and ability to clarify questions and nuances is second to none.  I am all the way NOT mad that I spent the money for this certification!

Student Evaluation

CAMS, 2021


Learning and practicing IRPD and practicing it in groups with feedback. The teaching, public speaking skills were top notch. Both Andy and Laura came across as passionate and sincere. Engaging!! 

Student Evaluation

CCIS, 2018


Working with Laura has been an enriching experience.  Laura has a warm and engaging personality and her passion for her work shines through all that she does.  Laura has a wealth of knowledge that takes Anger Management techniques to a multi-dimensional level.  Her input has helped me to deepen and strengthen my skills.


New York


As the only Malaysian participant, I found that the anger management course conducted by Laura gave me the inspiration and enthusiasm to implement an anger management program in Malaysia. Thank you, Laura. You have shown your expertise in this area.

Dr. Sham



I appreciate the science and organization behind this training, as well as the opportunity to delve into the content so deeply. I feel like this will help me, and help me help others to help kids and families. So, thank you very much!!!

Student Evaluation

CCIS, 2021

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