Anger Management

Anger Management

"All anger starts in relationship. Therefore all anger is healed in relationship". 

- Dr. Richard Pfeiffer

Psycho- Activity Anger Management is the process of engaging novelty through relationship and learning and promoting the Growth Mindset. The relationship you create with your client will help to inspire transformation. With the goal of integrating fragmented anger states, this approach ultimately increases an individual’s confidence, self-esteem and sense of inner personal power or OK’ness. Utilizing tools to cultivate Cognitive Awareness while using the latest in Mindfulness Techniques and addressing a client’s daily Lifestyle, Psycho- Active Anger Management is neuroplasticity-in-action. The more connections between neurons that are formed, the more we grow and develop, even as adults. As those connection get stronger, the less we have to think about what we’re doing since these new patterns become newly formed behaviors…The brain is designed to develop and evolve through Psycho-activity. Humans have the capacity to develop and grow as adults – beyond childhood and adolescence- and Psycho- Activity is your tool to activate it in your clients.

There are 2 major types of ‘Mindset’ that people have about being in the World (reality):

Fixed Mindset (FM)*. FM approaches life in a way that says, ‘that’s just the way I am’. This mindset see life basically as if there can be no change, development, or evolution.

Growth Mindset (GM)*. GM approaches life in a way that says, ‘I have the capacity to grow beyond the way I am right now’. This mindset see life as an adventure in which making mistakes becomes an opportunity to learn, change, develop, evolve – in part because of ‘neuroplasticity’ and the simple knowledge that humans have the capacity to develop and grow as an adults – beyond childhood and adolescence.

Psycho-Activity is the action of the Growth Mindset….which has important ramifications for mental health treatment. We must foster, teach and promote the capacity for a Growth Mindset.

Our Integral Approach to Anger Management is multi-faceted and unique to Growth Central Training. Dr. Richard Pfeiffer brings more than 30 years of experience as a pioneer in the field of anger management and continues to bring the latest in neuroscience to his teaching. Laura Beth Moss brings twenty years of body-based learning along with a strong background in Mindfulness based learning as well as storytelling, narrative reframing and coaching.

(*Mindset is an idea written about by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck)