Empathy Workbook and Curriculum

Empathy Workbook and Curriculum

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Too much judgement can be costly both physically and emotionally. Most people can express empathy in appropriate ways in some situations, and yet be ineffective in others. The Empathy Workbook & Curriculum reduces levels of judgement especially in provocative situations. Readers learn effective skills, concepts, techniques and practices to lessen judgement and increase healthy empathy. This Workbook & Curriculum offers effective:

  • Empathy Skills
  • Calming Techniques
  • Expressing Healthy Emotion
  • Stress and Anxiety Management Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Practical Solutions

“What Dr. Pfeiffer does in these pages is a true service to all of us. He breads down what could be presented as highly complex, esoteric information into easily understandable, relatable, and hands-on, readily applicable exercises.” Dr. Christian Conte, author: Walking Through Anger, Yield Theory