Manage Your Anger: Curriculum for Children

Manage Your Anger: Curriculum for Children

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A Resource for Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, Teachers, and Youth Leaders
Authors: Anita Bohensky, Ph.D. and Rich Pfeiffer, M.Div., Ph.D.

Manage Your Anger – Curriculum for Children utilizes a skill-streaming psycho-educational approach to teach psychological and social competencies to children ages 6 to 11. It provides the following core components:

  • Empathy training, in which students identify their own feelings and those of others.
  • Impulse control, in which students are presented a problem-solving strategy and behavioral skills.
  • Anger management, in which students are presented a coping strategy and behavioral skills for tense situations

The Curriculum is intended for both aggressive and withdrawn children who lack proficiency in pro-social cognitive and emotional competencies. The children suited for this curriculum may be assessed as displaying moderate or strong tendencies toward aggression, and antisocial behavior on the one hand, or asocial behavior, withdrawal, and social isolation on the other. The authors recognize that this program will be used primarily for those youngsters who tend toward the aggression and antisocial behavior realm. The Curriculum provides a program for reversing the developmental delays which may lead to more acute levels of aggressive or withdrawn behavior.

Table of Content (PDF)

Introduction and Background Information (PDF)


  • Designed especially for Children ages 6 – 11
  • Learn important life skills
  • Learn how to halt escalation in angry situations
  • Learn how to identify and deal with trigger thoughts
  • Learn the real reasons underneath the angry feelings
  • Learn about the role of ‘shame’ in their anger
  • Healthy structure with 12 sequential small group lessons
  • Proven effectiveness in reducing overall levels of anger


  • Increases Self Control
  • Increases Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Promotes more positive attitude
  • Provides Anger Management Skills and Concepts
  • Provides healthy alternatives to acting out anger
  • Provides Problem Skills and Concepts
  • Provides Conflict Resolution Skills and Concepts
  • Provides Coping Behaviors
  • Provides Effective Techniques for dealing with ‘Bullies’

Primary Activities

  • Establishing trust within small group
  • Develop effective problem-solving skills
  • Learn key steps to managing anger
  • Recognize and practice naming feelings
  • Understand and discuss the consequences of behavior