Anger Management Workbook for Kids & Teens

Anger Management Workbook for Kids & Teens

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Too much anger can be costly, both physically and emotionally. Most kids and teens can use their anger in appropriate ways in some situations, and yet be ineffective in others. The Anger Management Workbook for Kids and Teens reduces levels of anger, especially in provocative situations. Kids and Teens will learn effective coping behaviors to stop escalation and to resolve conflicts. Graduated homework assignments allow participants to apply their newly acquired skills. The Anger Management Workbook for Kids and Teens employs the three major anger control interventions by using model presentations, rehearsal, positive feedback and promoting. The Workbook is designed especially for adolescents and pre-adolescents.

The Anger Management Workbook for Kids and Teens is an effective guide for adolescents and pre-adolescents to use on their own or with a caring adult. It helps get to the foundational issues of anger problems. This is why it is the bestselling adolescent anger management workbook in the world!”     Dr. Rich Pfeiffer, author: Real Solution Anger Management Workbook


  • Designed especially for Kids and Teens
  • Learn important life skills for career and relationships
  • Learn how to halt escalation in angry situations
  • Learn how to identify and deal with trigger thoughts
  • Learn the real reasons underneath the angry feelings
  • Learn about the role of ‘shame’ in their anger
  • Learn relaxation and calming techniques
  • Monitor angry feelings using the Anger Log
  • Kids and Teens can use Workbook alone or with help of an adult
  • Healthy structure with 12 sequential sessions
  • Proven effectiveness in reducing overall levels of anger


  • Increases Self Control
  • Increases Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Promotes more positive attitude
  • Provides Anger Management Skills and Concepts
  • Provides healthy alternatives to acting out anger
  • Provides Problem Skills and Concepts
  • Provides Conflict Resolution Skills and Concepts
  • Provides Coping Behaviors
  • Provides Effective Techniques for dealing with ‘Bullies’

The Anger Management Workbook for Kids and Teens uses a skill building format and each new skill relies, to some extent, on what has previously been learned, therefore participants are strongly encouraged to do all twelve (12) sessions. The Workbook can be used by Kids and Teens alone or with the help of an adult.